Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sex, Competition, Parents: problems for city teens Using Alcohol, Drugs for enhanced Love Life

Sex, Competition, Parents: problems for city teens Using Alcohol, Drugs for enhanced Love Life
Sunday, May 11th, 2008 Chandigarh,11 May:My experience through different studies I conducted and interaction with teens and young adults in City Beautiful – Chandigarh. They are drinking alcohol and taking drugs for sexual pleasure and prefers regular nightlife. Also, a substantial number suffer from emotional disturbances and poor social adjustment. They had little knowledge about their physical and sexual growth, resulting in experimentation on themselves, which further created problems in their physical and sexual growth.They drink alcohol to increase their chances of sex,while cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis are used to enhance sexual arousal/ gratification or prolong sex.Mostly started consuming alcohol for fun and project them adult and tasted first drink or puff when they were in early teens. Even though many believed alcohol and drugs offered sexual "benefits – excuse for advances", I found that drunkenness and drug use were strongly associated with an increase in risk-taking behavior and feelings of regret about having sex while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Those who’had been drunk in the previous six months were more likely to have had sex partners, sex without a condom, and to have regretted sex after drink or drugs in the past year. Similar consequences were noted in those who’d used cannabis, cocaine or ecstasy. Even they feel condoms are hindrance in ultimate pleasure of love life. They use flavored and vibrating condoms for experiment and new experience.
Who used alcohol, cannabis, cocaine or ecstasy during adolescent period were much more likely to have had sex before that age. This was especially true for girls; their boy friends brought drugs for them and make them feel top of the world. The girls are not in position to buy drugs due to shortage of money andsocial taboo hence their pal bring the stuff for them. Even the girls are emotionally dependent upon their pals and don’t wants to lose them, so they developintimate relations before marriage and anteing adulthood. They are not aware of problems occur due teen sexual life. More surprising for me as a doctor they don’t know they become pregnant in single sexual encounter. Still – A Virgin is shameful in peer group.
Most of young pregnant girls suffer alone during premarital pregnancy at physical, emotional, economical and religious level. They are not aware of their reproductive and sexual rights and duties. The sexual activity is not planned and most of the girls disclose when they went with their boy friend for sex she finds other friends of his pal there and she was forced to have sex with all of them without their wish.Many youngsters now take drugs and drink in ways that alter their sexual decisions and increase their chances of unsafe sex or sex that is later regretted.
Yet despite the negative consequences, they found many are deliberately taking these substances to achieve quite specific sexual effects.Sexual activity accompanied by substance use is not just incidental, but often sexually motivated; Interventions addressing sexual health are often developed, managed and implemented independently from those addressing substance uses, and vice versa.
However, young people often see alcohol, drugs and sex all as part of the same social experience, and addressing these issues requires an equally joined-up approach.Personally I feel that adolescents are highly emotional in nature and do not have a free hand to develop their social and moral values which is why they are generally assertive, explorative and revolt for simple things, thus facing invisible crisis in their tender age. Anxiety and negative approach results in stress and even drug addiction. Most of students reveal that failure to adjust properly with competitive education system results in mental harassment among them. Adolescent period is a period of stress and strain, strife and strong emotionality and suggestibility, daydreaming and adventurous, intense affections.
Adolescents have various needs and problems in their changing life style. It is the duty of parents and teachers to play constructive roles in their lives.Even the latest technology and media played a negative role in their lives because it gave them education without direction. They expressed that the problems being suffered by the adolescents were mainly due to uneducated parents and lack of interaction with them. In response related to their teachers, the adolescents felt that it could be made positive in nature if parents’ interaction was included in their relationship with the teachers.
Nuclear families with smaller space at home with no interaction would have problems of emotional disturbances and mental adjustment with adolescents.It is necessary to have adolescent education at school-level so that children should be well informed for their holistic development and mental changes intheir lives.

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