Sunday, 9 September 2007

Abortion; you're rights vs your infant's rights

Abortion; you're rights vs your infant's rightsBy MagePathfinder - Posted on September 9th, 2007

Here is where my almost purely liberal views stagger to the right a bit...

Abortion; taking away the life of a young unborn child, known as a fetus, by sucking apart its little body with a needle. Also the process in which a mother with a larger fetus which is not yet fully developed, is induced into labor giving partial birth to the fetus, head first where the back of its neck is cut (IE bleeds to death) or feet first in which the head remains inside the mother to suffocate.

There are so few times when I aggree that abortion is a good choice. Rape, incest, or rare pregnacies in which mother and or child would die anyway. There are just so many better alternatives... adoption for one. many lesbian and gay couples, for example obviously each lack part of the building blocks for life. Infertle heterosexual couples also need to adopt to have children.

teenagers who get pregnant? they have unprotected sex knowing full well that should there be a slip up, there IS such a thing as abortion. Its illegal in most states for some one under the age of 18 (16 in some states) to have sex. but what happens to the ones that do break this law? nothing. Why not send these teens who get busted having sex to a clinic to teach them about safer sex practices. pregnancy isn't the only thing you can get by having unprotected sex; STDs... pregnancy would be the least of your concerns if you happened to contract HIV or AIDS. a condem could prevent pregnancy and it can also save your life.

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