Sunday, 12 August 2007

On discrimination of PPF president-

On discrimination of PPF president-

I would like to share some facts regarding the article "HIV Positive denied treatment" on August 4.

I strongly feel insulted as the importance of a right based approach to HIV/AIDS was totally buried alive by a pharmacist when a PLHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) who went for a treatment was refused because he disclosed the truth about himself, being educated and highly qualified, though infected with HIV/AIDS but with respect for human life and its risk about HIV/AIDS and inspite of world wide stigma and discrimination.

I wonder how anyone in the field of health care sector can deny a person living with HIV/AIDS for his/her treatment. As far as I know, Article 14 of the Constitution of India guarantees equality to all persons within the territory of India. That is equality before the law and the equal protection be secured to all persons in the enjoyment of their right life and liberties without discrimination or favouritism.

As reported on August 4, was it justifiable to refuse anybody with a cut by the saying that he did not have gloves for human treatment but have gloves for applying 'Henna'? Is it a pharmacy or a beauty parlour? How can a person sell pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products in a pharmacy? The very particular pharmacist has fully exposed his total discrimination against PLHAs and showed total disrespect or human rights and against those working in the field of HIV/AIDS and its related problems. Imagine, had he not disclosed his status, what would be the consequence?

As a part of PPF+, I strongly condemn the attitude of the pharmacist for refusing the treatment of our president. He (Pharmacist) not only refused treatment to the president but also refused the organization and PLHAs as a whole.

I therefore demand his ( Pharmacist) open apology to our president, the PLHAs and to Positive People's Foundation at the earliest. I also tender my sincere request to the concern department to take immediate action against the particular pharmacist.

Discrimination against PLHAs in health care sector is direct threat to their right life and against Human Rights. The Government of India through its NAPCP and its statements at the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS in June 2001 has long recognized the rights of the PLHAs.

Kevi Z. Stephen, Project Director,
Care Centre, Positive People Foundation,
Apology letter to PPF President.

With due respect, I would like make a press statement as an apology letter to the president PPF Dimapur which was carried in a local daily on August 4 captioned "HIV positive person denied".
I, the proprietor of Delight Pharmacy would like to extend my heartiest and humble apology to the president of Positive People's Foundation for the denial where some items like gloves were not available at the time for which I could not attend.

Here, I sincerely regret this incident as most unfortunate one and making this humble apology to all concerns with utmost respect without any feeling of discrimination.
Dilip Ghosh,
Proprietor, Delight Pharmacy.

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